Board Members

Board Members

Our ambition is to contribute to the reduction of inequalities between countries through increased knowledge sharing and scientific cooperation. The Foundation aims to foster and fund initiatives for Science for Peace and Science for Sustainable Development, so as to support brain-gain and reinstate development and dialogue in areas touched by conflict and extreme poverty.



  • To grant annual scholarships for PhD or equivalent level students in science to renowned Universities or institutions such as CERN and SESAME.
  • To build a network from within the Civil Society dedicated to realizing concrete projects contributing to a sustainable development.
  • To promote dialogue between scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, financiers and political figures, through a platform and support the introduction of long-term solutions to the major development challenges inter alia in Africa and the Middle East.
  • To organize occasional multidisciplinary conferences on issues such as climate, energy, access to water, infrastructure development, food security, education and health.
  • To contribute to the reduction of disparities and imbalances between nations through the sharing of knowledge, with a humanistic approach.
Board of trustees Members

Konstatinos LANARAS – President, Switzerland Driss BENCHEKROUN, Marocco
Patrick FASSNACHT- Vice-président, Switzerland Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON, Belgium
Spyro METAXAS – Secretary, Switzerland Lionel GBAGUIDI, Benin
John ELLIS, United-Kingdom

Scientific Committee Members

John ELLIS – President, United-Kingdom
Myriam BALABAN, Italy Nathalie DELAPALME, United-Kingdom
Oum Lalthoum BEN HASSINE, Tunis Azzedine ELMIDAOUI, Marocco
Jean-Patrick CONNERADE, United-Kingdom Patrick FASSNACHT, Switzerland
Jean-Christophe DEBAR, France Lionel GBAGUIDI, Benin
Henry MARTY-GAUQUIE, France Alison PARKER, United-Kingdom
Mousa S. MOHSEN, Kuwait Ulrike STEINHORST, France
Albert SASSON, Marocco Bruno WEYMULLER, France