The Geneva-based Sharing Knowledge Foundation aims to contribute to the reduction of inequalities through knowledge sharing and scientific cooperation in Africa and the Middle East (MENA). The Foundation promotes scientific research, education and knowledge sharing as cornerstones for collaborative development and the promotion of peace.


  • To grant annual scholarships for PhD or equivalent level students in science from MENA countries, to renowned Universities or Institutes such as CERN and SESAME.
  • To build a network from within the Civil Society dedicated to realizing concrete projects contributing to a sustainable development.
  • To promote dialogue between scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, financial and political figures, through a platform and support the introduction of long-term solutions to the major development challenges inter alia in Africa and the Middle East.
  • To organize occasional multidisciplinary conferences on issues such as climate, energy, access to water, infrastructure development, food security, education and health.
  • To contribute to the reduction of disparities and imbalances between nations through the sharing of knowledge by applying a humanistic approach.
  • The monies donated are 100% attributed to the scholarships as all administrative expenses are covered by the Board members.


The Sharing Knowledge Foundation is the brainchild of physicist Robert Klapisch. As a research director at CERN, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious laboratories, Robert Klapisch became increasingly convinced that science and the sharing of knowledge are essential vectors of peace and cornerstones of development.

It was during his mandate as President of the French Association for the Advancement of Science (AFAS) that he launched the “Sharing Knowledge” conferences in 2002, aimed at facilitating scientific mobility and meetings between experts from around the Mediterranean. In 2006, following the success of these events, he decided to found an independent structure and created the “Fondation Partager le Savoir” (SKF – Sharing Knowledge Foundation) which he will chair until his death in March 2020.


The Foundation consists of a Foundation Board, the highest decision-making body, and a Scientific Committee with high-level specialists driven by a common vision of cooperation and scientific progress. The Foundation also collaborates with an extensive network of opinion leaders and experts from over 23 countries. More than ever, the members pursue the mission in the line and spirit left by its Founder.