Globally, 1.5 billion people at the Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) have no access to electricity. The majority lives in rural, remote areas of the world’s poorest nations. 598 million people in Africa have no access to electricity. Nigeria has 28.9 million households in which 82.1% of the households don’t have access to electricity from the grid while over 45% of the population uses mobile phone, then the imperative petrol generators to public and private life in Nigeria becomes compelling and over 30% of its youth’s population are unemployed. Without electricity families have no clean source of light, spends up to 40% of their income on unsustainable energy substitutes.

SUNBOX is a social-enterprise that provides clean and affordable electricity to off-grid, low income consumers in Africa combining flexible, affordable and innovative asset based financing business model enabling lease-2-own of mobile solar solutions with integrated mosquitoes repelling technology. With “Sunbox”, families can make purchases in small daily ($0.14) instalments with affordable 3% upfront equipment costs. To ensure that even the lowest income households can access clean energy as and when they choose.

Sunbox is an autonomous business unit that serves as the energy gateway for a sustainable development of BoP communities worldwide. The Kiosk will enable new business opportunities with solar energy and empowers BoP communities to become models for self-sustainable and thriving clean energy communities. Each unit provides women and youth with employment opportunities and ensures purchasing and consumer spending remain local. The kiosk integrates photovoltaic technology into a modular, yet robust, kit-of-parts design that is easy to assemble even on challenging terrain. Its battery pack allows for 24/7 operation with capacity to charge 100 – 500 units of electronic mobile devices per day and serves as a power back-up. The pre-fabricated kiosk frame and wall panels are design to allow for local manufacturing worldwide.

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