Food security in sub-Saharan Africa

Food security in sub-Saharan Africa

11 November 2016 published by Lionel GBAGUIDI Share

Undernourishment is an attack on human rights and dignity. While the global situation is improving slightly, Africa is the only continent where chronic under-nutrition has increased over the past two decades, reaching 223 million people in 2013.

The African continent continues to import 40% of its food, while it is one of the most fertile regions in the world and home to 60% of the world’s unexploited arable land.

Investing in agriculture is one of the most effective ways to reduce hunger and poverty.

In the debate on the type of agricultural model to be promoted in sub-Saharan Africa to meet food needs, the author of this article wants to show that agroecology can be a credible alternative to address the multidimensional challenges of food security, in the face of the dominant model of the green revolution based on increasing yields.

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