Energy Bio Foods

Energy Bio Foods

Energy Bio Foods is a social enterprise founded in 2019 that provides livestock farmers and farmers with energy dependence through the management and methanisation of organic waste.

  • EBF’s mission is to enable all communities to grow through innovation and technology.
  • EBF specializes in anaerobic digestion, design, production, distribution and installation of biodigesters.
  • Contribute simultaneously to the preservation of the environment and also to food security and rural development.

Our solution is to recover organic waste in order to obtain a natural gas called biogas in maximum 21 days for cooking and lighting with cogeneration equipment that ensures the simultaneous production of heat for cooking and electricity for lighting.

At the end of the process we obtain a digestate or natural fertilizer for the fertilization of agricultural land. Used as fertilizer, this digestate increases the yield of farmland by 20%.

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