The CERN Computer Centre has donated 161 retired servers to universities in Morocco


As part of a regular cycle of equipment renewal, the CERN Computer Centre has just donated 161 retired servers to universities in Morocco. While the servers may be being retired from the cutting-edge use needed at CERN, it doesn’t mean they are not still perfectly good for less demanding uses elsewhere. On 8 March, 161 servers were loaded onto a lorry bound for Morocco. About half of them will go to build a Tier 2 Grid centre in Rabat, the capital, while the other half will be distributed to the RUPHE network of the four main high-energy physics institutes in the country.

“The servers should allow Moroccan scientists, who are mainly collaborating with the ATLAS experiment, to analyse LHC data at their home institutions,” says Rolf Heuer, CERN Director General. The shipment is the realization of a promise made by CERN back in May 2011 during the “Sharing knowledge across the Mediterranean” conference.

Link to CERN bulletin

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