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Israel shares nearly all its water resources with its neighbours : Jordan, West Bank, Lebanon and Syria. The issues of water management in the region transcend borders. That’s why scientists combine their efforts to answer to the pressure exerted on water resources in qualitative and quantitative terms. A scientific colloquium on the subject of “Technologies for the production of water and the waste water recycling”, organized by the “Bureau de Coopération Scientifique et Universitaire de l’Ambassade de France » in Israel and the Ben-Gurion University of the Neguev, took place at the Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research, of Ben-Gurion University of the Neguev. This colloquium gathered Israeli (40), French (6), Palestinians (3) and Jordan (1) scientists. The travel costs of Jordanian and Palestinian delegations was funded by the Sharing Knowledge Foundation.

We will retain three major communications:

-Mr. François Enguehard, Research Director at Veolia Environnement, presented the new projects call for tender of Veolia Environnement open to academic researchers;

– Mr. Prof. Gilbert Rios, expert in the domain of membranes from the European Commission and UNESCO, raised the awareness of participants to the necessity to collaborate and integrate an industrial perspective at any new research project;

– Mr. Dr Yousef Abu-Mayla from the University of Al-Azhar of Gaza, took stock of the water resources in Gaza Strip. He insisted on the very serious situation of the ground water of the region. He announced the willingness of Gaza Authorities to set up a desalination station for the supply of drinking water for the population of Gaza. This intervention has been commented by several Israeli scientists that reminded that ground water do not have borders and that all the states of the region are linked to each other for the preservation of this resource.

Dr. Jacques Baudier, Scientific Attaché French Embassy in Israël

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