Moncef Cheikh-Rouhou has been elected a Member of the “Assemblée Nationale Constituante” of Tunisia


Moncef Cheikh-Rouhou, a member of our Scientific Committee, has been elected a Member of the “Assemblée Nationale Constituante” of Tunisia. A Tunisian economist, he had been living in exile in Paris, where he lectured as Associate Professor at the “Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales“(HEC). We warmly congratulate him for this election at such an important moment for the New Tunisia. We asked him his opinion on the tasks facing this Assembly and the role that he intends to play:

My political grouping, the Parti Démocrate Progressiste (PDP) does not belong to the governmental majority, but we plan, in the rst place, to dedicate ourselves to the elaboration of the Constitution that has to be adopted within one year, while at the same time assuming our responsibility as representative of the people in this interim National Assembly. New elections will follow after this interim phase. We will therefore put forward the measures that we advocate to ensure an economical emergence essential to ensure the reduction of unemployment, especially youth joblessness.

Regarding the Constitution, we are very glad to have obtained that the Personal Code provides, in particular, that women’s rights and religious freedom for all confessions will be guaranteed by the Constitution as Fundamental Laws.

As regards the economy, Ennahda, the majority party, states that no measure that would hinder the development of the tourism industry should be taken. Obviously, foreign investment will be expected and will be welcomed. As an economist, I have participated in missions in the Gulf region, in particular, and I am still active as a member of the Global Agenda Council at the Davos Forum.

To conclude, I would like to say how much my participation in “Sharing Knowledge” helps me in the visions that I am now putting forward. I wish the greatest success to the Foundation for the continuation of its activities enhancing Human Capital and Knowledge, two essential conditions for an economical, social and political Emergence. I hope that Tunisia, a new islet of democracy in the Mediterranean, will welcome very soon the next Sharing Knowledge conference.

Moncef Cheikh-Rouhou

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