Mohamed Gouighri invited to “Beyond the Standard Model: Results with the 7 TeV LHC Collision Data”conference


Mohamed Gouighri invited to give a seminar to the conference :
« Beyond the Standard Model: Results with the 7 TeV LHC Collision Data” taking place at ICTP in Trieste.

Mohamed Gouighri, is the first grantee of a scholarship awarded through the agreement of 25 June 2009 between CERN, SKF Foundation, Moroccan Universities taking part to the LHC programme and the Académie Royale Hassan II.

It is worth pointing out that the fellowship was funded by the Hassan II Academy and by the Carnot Foundation. We are glad to report that Mohamed has been invited to give a seminar to the conference :

« Beyond the Standard Model: Results with the 7 TeV LHC Collision Data”  taking place at ICTP (International Center for Theoretical Physics) in Trieste

This is how he summarizes his presentation:

“ My presentation at the Conference “Beyond the Standard Model” was about the ATLAS B physics program (ATLAS is one of the four main experiments at the LHC). I was selected by the ATLAS collaboration  to give a review talk on this broad topic.

I reported about production cross sections, searches for rare b quark decay signatures and CP violation effects in B-event. Decays of B-mesons are sensitive to New Physics through second order effects and provide an alternative window into physics beyond the Standard Model.

My personal contribution to the Physics program of ATLAS is mainly on the CP violation studies, using Bd->J/psi Ks channel. I am also testing new theoretical predictions, like the Heavy Quark Effective Theory (HQET) and the perturbative QCD (pQCD) model by comparing lifetime measurements of the Bd meson and the Ld baryon.

On the more technical side, I am validating new vertexing tools which takes the full and exact ATLAS detector informations (for exemple: material map, exact magnetic field …) into account”.

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