Kickoff Ceremony of the Moroccan Scholarship Program at CERN

To celebrate the arrival of the two first doctoral students at CERN, in the Framework of the agreement of 25 June 2009 between CERN, the Sharing Knowledge Foundation, the Moroccan Universities participating in the LHC Program and the Hassan II Royal Academy, the Foundation had proposed to CERN to hold a ceremony with the main actors of this very promising agreement for Morocco and CERN. We were thus honored to welcome at CERN on 23 July, Mr. Omar Fassi-Fehri, Permanent Secretary of the «Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology», and Mr. Said Belcadi, Director of the National Center for Scientific and Technical Research.

The Ceremony presided by Director General of CERN Pr. Rolf Heuer was the occasion to welcome several guests among which (in addition the two young laureates Mohammed Gouighri and Sara Boutouil) Mr. Gaétan Carnot, President of the Carnot Foundation, Abdeslam Hoummada, spokesperson for the Moroccan physicists at CERN and Mr. Mustapha El Bouazzaoui, representing the Permanent Mission of Morocco in Geneva.

This event was the occasion of the signature of a new agreement between CERN and the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology.

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