Foundation’s support for collaboration actions between CERN and Palestine

Recent Foundation’s support for collaboration actions between CERN and Palestine by Patrick Fassnacht, member of our Foundation’s Council.

The Sharing Knowledge Foundation supported 3 actions in 2017 that allowed to strenghten the scientific relationships between students and researchers from Palestine and the CERN laboratory based in Geneva.

  • The Foundation assisted Mr M. Alstaty, student of the University of Jenin during his 3 years stay at CERN within the ATLAS experiment staff of researchers. Under the supervision of a researcher of CPPM Marseille, he successfully defended his thesis. Back in Palestine, Mr Alstaty will be without any doubt a perfect advocate for CERN’s cause, in particular for the possibility of working freely and independently within a collaboration of more than 35 countries.
  • The Foundation gave its support to the venue of a student of the Islamic University of Gaza, Mr. A. Almeghari, who was selected by a panel of researchers of CERN. His arrival at CERN allowed to bring in light the difficulties  to travel for students for Gaza Strip. Mr Almeghari works for a period of six months on the ATLAS experiment and, after that period will have the possibility to participate to the ESIPAP (European School of Instrumentation in Particle and Astroparticle Physics). Back at his University where he will defend his Master diploma on the performances of an ATLAS’s sub-detector, he will be the perfect link to reinforce the contacts between his university and CERN.
  • The Foundation reiterated its support to the School of Physics (WISHEPP-II) that took place for the second time at An-Najah University. The event was a great success and was marked by the venue of the Minister of Education who repeated his strong support for the development of relations between Palestine and CERN, in the continuity of the cooperative agreement (ICA) signed in 2015 and gave his agreement for a visit of CERN installations. Additional info on this event are available here : conclusions and activities.

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