Follow-up of the Montpellier Workshop December 10th-12th 2007

Internet and Grids in Africa

Three major successes between December 2007 and October 2008 follow-up on the recommendations of our Montpellier meeting

1) July 2008 : installation of the first Computation Grid in Sub-Saharan Africa. The necessary hardware had been offered to University Cheikh Anta Diop (Dakar, Senegal) by the collaboration UNESCO-Hewlett-Packard. Michel Jouvin, an expert from the Institut des Grilles du CNRS (directed by Guy Wormser, co-organizer of Montpellier) took over the setting-up and connection with EGEE in less than a week. The travel costs for the mission were supported by the French Embassy in Senegal, at the request of Anne Corval, the representative of CNRS in Africa.

2) October 1st 2008, on Viviane Reding’s proposition, the common meeting of EU Commissioners (J. Potocnik, V. Reding, G. Verheugen, L. Michel) and Jean-Pierre Onverhoun Ezin, Commissioner of the African Union for Human Resources , Science and Technology, adopted as priority items:

Africa Connect, to connect the African Networks of Education and Research with GEANT 2  and AXIS: African system of national and regional exchanges points.

3) In answer to a demand from South Africa, Institut des Grilles du CNRS, in collaboration with Italian INFN, is initiating a training initiative on Computing Grids, aiming at System Operators and at Users.

A school intended for the potential users will take place in Durban in December 2008 and will be opened to participants from other African countries.

The Sharing Knowledge Foundation supports this initiative and will finance the travel costs to Durban of three participants from African Countries having participated in Montpellier.

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