Book publication of Sandra Carmignani


The Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of the book of Sandra Carmignani: “Mémoires de l’esclavage et créolité. Le patrimoine du Morne à l’Ile Maurice” at Editions Karthala, Paris. She presented it at Mauritius on the 31 of October in Port-Louis. The book in available on

The book is drawn from her thesis on the social use of heritage and memory of slavery in Mauritius. Her study on the destiny of Mountain the Morne, World Heritage of UNESCO since 2008, emphasizes how complex it is to have “slavery as an heritage” for Mauritian Creoles. The author raises questions and issues that concern all postcolonial societies dealing with this controversial past of slavery and its consequences.

Sandra Carmignani is a Phd in Social and Cultural Anthropology and is Associate Member of the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie culturelle et sociale of the University of de Lausanne. 


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